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Creative for Life

“We have really enjoyed being part of this project; getting to know the kids has been the best part. We were all really impressed by how helpful and well-spoken the children were and how confident!” – Older Program Participant

Creative for Life offers a challenge to habitual thinking and asks for collaboration to be formed across conventional boundaries to bring together generations in order to better understand each other and reduce isolation by strengthening personal and community networks, through participation in creative and artistic activity.

Globe Town Project will work in partnership with providers of care and services for older people and schools in the Fremantle area to build social capital, increase a sense of belonging for participants and their families and strengthen ties between all the partner organisations involved.

Creative for Life aims to help reduce social isolation, break down inaccurate generational stereotypes and build a stronger, more connected and thriving community.

Participants will develop creative and practical art form skills, critical skills, technique, confidence and ideas; in addition to increased personal development, social skills, communication and self-confidence.

Programs are led by our team of professional artists: storytellers, musicians, dancers, photographers, visual artists, writers and drama specialists who design program activities to stimulate conversation and facilitate an exchange of ideas.

“We made quick connections and became friends easily. We did art together, shared memories, sang songs and discovered lots about each other. After the first session we felt invigorated and looked forward to the next one.” – Older Program Participant

Outcomes for older participants include;

  • Helping to maintain mental and physical functioning levels
  • Opportunities to keep learning
  • Relief from isolation

Outcomes for younger participants include;

  • Greater appreciation of older people / raise awareness of issues facing older adults
  • Contribute to a sense of social responsibility
  • Improved behaviour and involvement in school work and family life

“I really enjoyed hearing all the stories, playing the games and I now feel that I know a bit more about older people.” – Program Participant, aged 10

For more information about Creative for Life please contact Miles Openshaw, Artistic Director at 

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